Prolozone Therapy

What is Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone is an injectable therapy that uses ozone along with numbing medicine, B vitamins, minerals and glucose. This therapy is used to incite a healing response by the body’s immune system. It is not a temporary Band-Aid or pain medication. 

When injected into a specific joint, tendon or soft tissue, mast cells, stem cells and cytokines localize to the area to heal the problem. We have an 80%-85% cure rate with this method.

Ozone stimulates growth factors 

Prolozone therapy uses ozone to stimulate growth factors in the tissue surrounding a damaged joint. Like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections — another type of regenerative medicine — prolozone therapy stimulates new growth at a cellular level. 

This enhances, or jumpstarts, your body’s natural ability to heal itself and replace damaged tissue with new, healthier tissue. When you have healthy connective tissue supporting your joints, you can move freely and without unbearable pain. 

Ozone acts as a disinfectant

In addition to increasing oxygen in a damaged or degenerative joint, ozone injections also act as a disinfectant. This is helpful when the underlying cause of your joint pain is the result of an infection that leads to arthritic conditions.

What common problems can prolozone therapy improve?

Some of the most common musculoskeletal problems that respond well to prolozone therapy include:
Rotator cuff injuries
Knee pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Degenerative spinal discs
Plantar fasciitis
Tennis elbow
Hip pain
Neck and back pain
Sports injuries
Degenerative joint disease

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