Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at DFMA

Desert Functional Medicine and Aesthetics offers Sports Medicine tailored to address a range of musculoskeletal issues, injuries, and performance enhancement needs. This type of service is ideal for someone who seeks comprehensive care for sports-related injuries and overall physical wellness. Our approach integrates advanced diagnostic techniques with personalized treatment plans, aiming to optimize recovery, prevent future injuries, and enhance athletic performance.


Specialized Care: Targeted treatment for sports-related injuries and conditions.
Individualized Plans: Tailored rehabilitation plans to suit specific needs.
Enhanced Performance: Strategies to improve athletic abilities and endurance.
Injury Prevention: Techniques to reduce the risk of recurring injuries.
Expert Guidance: Trustworthy professionals providing attentive care and guidance.

How does it work?

Our Sports Medicine program begins with a thorough assessment, including physical examinations and diagnostic imaging if necessary. Our experienced practitioners collaborate to create a personalized treatment plan, incorporating rehabilitation exercises, therapeutic interventions, and performance enhancement strategies. We prioritize not only the recovery from injuries but also long-term well-being and peak physical performance.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Is Sports Medicine only for professional athletes?
No, our Sports Medicine services cater to individuals of all activity levels, from amateurs to professionals, addressing various musculoskeletal issues and enhancing physical performance.
How soon can I return to sports after an injury with Sports Medicine?
Recovery timelines vary depending on the injury severity and individual response to treatment. Our goal is to ensure a safe and timely return to sports activities.
Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to access Sports Medicine services?

While referrals are not mandatory, collaboration with your primary care physician can be beneficial for comprehensive care. However, you can directly schedule a consultation with our Sports Medicine specialists.

Ready to optimize your athletic performance and recover from sports-related injuries?

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Your First Visit


Getting to Know You

We will do a full assessment, diving deeper into the information you provided on your form, to get a thorough understanding of your medical and family history, your health concerns and inquire about your lifestyle habits including diet, exercise, sleep, and any stressors in your life.


Further Testing

Based on the conversations with your doctor, they may recommend further testing and prepare an individualized treatment plan to optimize your health – that could include specific treatments, supplements or lifestyle changes – along with arranging any follow up visits that are needed.



Our goal is to make you as comfortable and confident as possible, and we can do that by answering any questions you may have so please use this as an opportunity to ask them.
Your initial visit will be XXX long. Follow up visit times will vary depending on your treatment plans.

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